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Acrylic nails, Gel nails, Gel polish manicure and spa gel polish pedicure 

Mya Nikole Nails is working with the best materials: Organic nails and Fancy .

 If you want a perfect shape for your nails and a special design , ask for your booking ! 

Very important to know!

I present the guarantee of my services and the materials used:

1. Acrylic nails: 3-4 weeks

2. Gel nails: 3 weeks

3. Gel Polish manicure and pedicure: 2 weeks , for short nails

I mention that:

1. The warranty is available only if : you use gloves when are you cleaning with strong products or when your are working hard with the hands .

2. If the warranty period has passed, I no longer do any kind of nail repair ( on free ) because what you need is MAINTENANCE

Building nails - is necessary when you have short nails , and you want to have long nails ( with gel or with akrylic )

Fill nails - is necessary when you need a nails maintenance , when you have long nails or short nails and you need to refill them ( with gel or with akrylic)

Gel polish - is ONLY COLOR ( gellack) over you OWN NAILS ( over your length of your natural nail).

Please don’t book wrong appointments!!!

For any questions you can write me a message!!!

When you come at your appointment your can’t change your booked service !!!! I will do for you the service that you booked!!!! And you need to pay for the booked services!!!


July opened agenda!!!

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You can take your booking online , go to www.timma.no , register or log in if you have an account , then search for Mya Nikole Nails.

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Clientes satisfechos

Important and necessary information for all clients and future clients of Mya Nikole Nails:

Mya Nikole Nails has a qualified manicurist. The manicurist has an experience of more than 4 years in this field. She is qualified with a Master's degree in nail sculpture (gel and akrylic) and decoration, as well as intensive pedicure. The course was held at a prestigious academy in Spain, in Valencia, 2 years ago.

The low salon price list , is like an opening offer of the salon this year ( opened in March 2023).

In this way, Mya Nikole Nails wanted to give all people the opportunity to test the services offered.

The reduced price is not due to the lack of experience or the fact that the nails made in Mya Nikole Nails would be bad quality. Mya Nikole Nails uses very good quality products from Organic Nails (a famous Mexican company, one of the best nail product companies), Victoria Vynn (a good nail products company of Poland ).

Don't miss the offer valid until January 2024. Come with confidence!

You will love the services offered in Mya Nikole Nails salon!!!

Important to know!

If you have an appointment and you want to cancel it, the cancellation or change of the appointment date will be done 24-48 hours before.

If you do not respect this rule, I need to prepare for you the  invoice for the appointment that you had.  

Thanks for understanding !

Mya Nikole Nails services:

The time reserved for each service:

1. Gel polish manicure: 01:00-01:30 hours (depends if it is only color or design)

2. Building of acrylic nails: 02:00-02:30 hour (depends if is only color or design)

3. Refill of acrylic nails: 01:40-02:00 hours (depends if it is only color or design)

4.Building of gel nails: 01:40-02:00 hours (depends if it is only color or design)

5. Gel nail refill: 01:30-02:00 hours (depends if it is only color or design)

6. Spa Pedicure: 01:00-01:30 hours.

These are the hours allocated to each individual service.

In Mya Nikole Nails you will find the quality of each service and the allocation of time to each individual client.

Mya Nikole Nails does not offer super fast services because that is not our goal. Mya Nikole Nails wants to offer quality and not a fast service !

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Hand treatment with paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a warming and moisturizing treatment that is very effective against dry hands, as well as that it can have a soothing effect on stiff and swollen joints.

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